Launched in August 2016, Charity Careers Canada is a great new recruitment agency built specifically to help charities in Canada by people who are leading charity and recruitment professionals. We help charities in Canada grow stronger by working with them to recruit and retain the best staff, focusing on retention rates and ensuring that we provide our clients with passionate and committed candidates that are inspired by the cause.

Founded by senior executives Peter Blakely,and Bruce Tait, we have extensive charitable experience having held senior positions in Canadian organizations as well as hiring, training, working with and mentoring staff at all levels.

Having worked in the charitable sector our whole lives, we understand that the not-for-profit sector in Canada has its own unique opportunities and challenges and that professional recruitment must be tailored to suit these requirements.

Our experience gives us insights into the differences between small and large charities, different roles and various sectors within the not-for-profit world. Our passion for charities drives us forward to connect great people with great organizations to advance Canadian charities.

Our team has senior level experience in working for charities in Canada. That’s where our passion for the charitable sector comes from. That’s what helps us excel at recruiting for charities. That’s what makes us the best at what we do.
- Peter Blakely, Director, Charity Careers Canada
WE’RE DIFFERENT! We don’t push jobs at people, but instead pull the right people in. People who are inspired and passionate about working for your organization. Because once you find the right person, they’ll want to stay and help your organization succeed long term.
- Bruce Tait, Director, Charity Careers Canada