Over the last few years there has been a consistent message coming from our clients - that a great Board is critical when it comes to a charity’s success.

The leading charities are successfully persuading their Boards to play a more active role, enabling them to create more opportunities, deliver their key objectives and survive an increasingly challenging and competitive environment. Charities are also taking a more strategic approach to the recruitment and development of their Board and are reaping the benefits of having a dedicated group of volunteers with the right qualities and skills to drive the charity forward.

However, that perfect Board member or Chair can be very hard to find. Charity Careers Canada, which offers a variety of specialist services to the charitable sector, is offering support through a new Board members recruitment service.

Based on our extensive experience and contacts, we have built up a database of outstanding candidates. Each is at the top of their field and possesses the high level of skills that it takes to be a dynamic and successful addition to your charity.

We have representatives from both the charitable and the private sector who are committed to dedicating their time and expertise to help your charity thrive. We are keen to assist charities in this important area.

If you would like to add to your current Board or source a new Chair, please contact us on 416-520-9345 or email info@charitycareerscanada.com for further information.